Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Department of Human Resources and Training (Training Management) determines the establishment’s sustainable training policy which will contribute to Istanbul’s being a focus and brand city with common sense within the context of the departments’ activity areas, mission and vision of IMM, purposes available in the strategic plan, targets and determined priorities and new changes in the local administrations of the world, and realizes the mentioned in-service trainings within the established annual plans.

One of the main duties of the Management is to plan the training services of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality according to innovations and technological developments in the world, implement them and report the obtained results to relevant departments.

The Management provides mandatory trainings necessary for the employees of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality departments as well as professional and personal trainings, and performs a big part of these services via its expert team in form of class trainings


Our mission is to contribute to extending the available experience and knowledge of IMM (Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality) to all its employees and local administrations inland and abroad, support the success of all IMM employees and other local administrations via established programs and prepare them for the future.

Our vision is to be Turkey’s and the world’s greatest local administration academy which shares the knowledge of IMM with national and international establishments and sets an example in its field.

Our municipality adopts as a principle to act according to the rights and laws regarding giving public services and protect the rights of all our stakeholders.

Our municipality adopts as a principle to earn the trust of Istanbul’s people, its employees and other stakeholders and deserve this trust.

Our municipality adopts as a principle to be transparent and accountable in giving public services.

It is important that the services given by our municipality meet the needs and expectations of Istanbul and Istanbul’s people optimally at high quality level.

Our municipality adopts as a principle to use its sources within the principles of effectiveness, efficiency and economy.

In planning and presenting the services, our municipality communicates with all relevant parties in a participant concept, meets with its stakeholders at a common axis and bases on maintaining social dialog, contribution and commitment.

Our municipality adopts as a principle to be decisive, self-confident, brave, entrepreneur, innovative, pioneer and leader.

Project Team

Ferrah ŞARMANHead of Department of Human Resources and Training
Volkan ÇAKMAKProject Coordinator
Yaprak DUMAN
Yaprak DUMANAssistant Project Coordinator
İrem UYARProject Organization Responsible
Sertaç GÜNGÖRProject Expert