Frequently Asked Questions

Istanbul Local Administrations Academy which has been established within the project supported by Istanbul Development Agency is an interactive structure where corporate development and vision developing activities in the field of local administration are performed and the e-training system is available proportionately for the use of personnel of other public bodies, local administrations inland and abroad and the citizens besides the personnel of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM). It is aimed via the Academy to contribute to increasing the knowledge, abilities and competencies in the field of local administration and solving the problems in implementation.

IMM personnel, personnel of other public bodies and citizens may benefit from Istanbul Local Administrations Academy.

Within the system established as part of the Academy; there are shares (informative video, e-training, document etc.) for all IMM personnel, public bodies and citizens. You may benefit from the contents authorized within the determined framework via accessing the system with the user name and password.

Training Management; Training Management System (TMS) established within the Academy realizes training planning and implementation via the system once a year using the Training Need Analysis (TNA) in order to determine the on-the-job trainings of IMM personnel (officers and contracted officers). The planned on-the-job trainings may be seen by the IMM personnel on their personal screens in the system.

Users other than IMM personnel may only see the contents determined for their own areas. They cannot request training other than that.

There is no age limitation.

No fee is requested for the trainings.

The application period for just IMM personnel is between the last month of the year and first month of the next year, but for other users, there is no date range determined over the system.

Users have to access the system via website using the user name and password. After completing the access procedure, all users may benefit from the videos, trainings and documents available in the system via the personalized screen. There is no need for any petition/form in order to use the system.

IMM personnel submit their on-the-job training requests via Training Need Analysis.

There is no time limitation for citizens and other public bodies in order to apply for training.

Local administrations and personnel of other public bodies within the target group of Istanbul Local Administrations Academy register in the system via E-Training Access and benefit from the videos, etraining, e-library and similar items entered into the system for them.

Besides, in case a program is established by the Administration for the relevant bodies, the relevant trainings may also be accessed via the system.

All citizens who obtain a user name and password via realizing the registration procedure through ETraining Access in the system may benefit from the informative videos about the citizen-focused services and subjects regarding the sectoral services of IMM and all the on-line trainings available for them in the system through the web portal of the Academy.

In the Istanbul Local Administrations Academy established within the project; ”Environmental Management Training” has been given to 9 local administration representatives from 5 different countries who are experts in the field of environment and to representatives of 8 Metropolitan Municipalities in our country. The training which has been realized in cooperation with Yıldız Technical University Continuing Education Research and Application Center was presented in English. Field visits were realized in order to observe the practical implementations which support the theoretical information within the scope of the training. Certificates were granted to the attendants at the end of the program.

Delegation programs will be realized according to the requests of the Administration.

Training programs for delegations are established according to the requests of the target group. The curriculum is prepared for the delegations theoretically and practically in cooperation with IMM’s relevant sector Managements, affiliates and subsidiaries. Environment Themed Pilot Training has been realized firstly within the Academy.

Automatic information emails are sent over the system in all processes regarding the on-the-job trainings for IMM personnel.

Since other users just see the updated videos and e-trainings loaded to the system, no information is given.

Citizens and other public bodies may benefit from more than one video, content and document identified for them in different areas within the Academy.

While the IMM personnel can request training within the Training Need Analysis date range, other users are not able for now to request any training over the system.

Tests are made at the end of E-Trainings given to IMM personnel only.

There is no certification process for citizens and personnel working in other public bodies.

Since the person may access the relevant training documents and videos using his/her user name and password, there is no need to share the training documents. The person may access the relevant training documents via the personalized screen by entering at any time. The copyrights of the documents shown in trainings belong to IMM. They may not be reproduced or distributed under any circumstances.

The users, after entering into the system, may see via their personalized screens the current etrainings, videos and documents.